👇 About Lee Munroe

Designer. Developer. Manager. Founder.
From Northern Ireland. Living in San Francisco.

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Experienced design leader, designing and shipping web, mobile & desktop applications for developers and enterprise products.

My skillset includes managing design and UI teams, product strategy and discovery, user research, rapid prototyping & validation, user interface design and frontend HTML/CSS. Here are the tools I use.

In the past I have built and shipped products from scratch, designing the UX, writing production-ready code and running marketing and growth campaigns. Check out my portfolio or GitHub for examples of my work, products I've built and code I've written.

I take a lean agile approach to product design, using research and data to help guide design decisions early in the process, continuously validating assumptions & iterating.

I have a Masters in Multi-Disciplinary Design from University of Ulster Belfast and am currently Product Design Manager at Mesosphere in San Francisco, building a data center operating system for large enterprise companies. Previously I have led design and frontend teams at Mailgun by Rackspace, Kareo and Runnable, was Founder of Lookaly and created HTML Email and Codeshare.

🎨 Design Skillset

  • Managing Design & UI Teams
  • User Experience Design
  • Developer Experience
  • Lean Product Development
  • Mobile & Responsive Design

💻 Development Background

  • I am a designer that can code
  • Primarily frontend: HTML, CSS, Sass, Javascript
  • Comfortable with backend: Rails, Node.js, PHP
  • Other dev skills: Git, Email, Wordpress, Ghost

🍄 Active Side Projects

📮 Open-Source Software

📣 Speaking Engagements

💪 Other Credits

🤓 Articles Of Mine You Should Read

📚 Books I've Read More Than Once

  1. Lean Startup
  2. Lean Analytics
  3. Rework
  4. Linchpin
  5. Outliers
  6. Inspired: How to create products customers love
  7. Start With Why
  8. Nudge
  9. The Honest Truth About Dishonesty
  10. Purple Cow
  11. 4-Hour Body