How To Start User Testing At Your Company

May 2017

UX research is a core component of a successful product design process. It helps you build empathy with your users and understand their behavior and problems. And then it enables you to test out your solutions and confirm hypotheses. One of the key methods for a successful UX research process is user testing.

I’ve been an early designer at several startups, so I have a lot of experience championing regular user testing. When I joined Mesosphere, I worked with the team on a system that would help automate and encourage our design team to run user tests every 2 weeks.

I blogged about our process on the InVision blog. This post looks at:

  • Why user testing is important
  • Recruiting participants for user tests
  • Scheduling testing sessions
  • Running tests
  • Following up and taking action
InVision User Testing

Read the full post here

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