Our Product Design Team's Workflow for Designing Enterprise Software

December 2017

Designing experiences and interfaces for your company is important. Something else that is also important, but often forgotten or assumed, is the design of your teamโ€™s workflow to deliver the best UX and UI solutions.

Earlier this year we codified and documented our product design workflow. As our design team grew we wanted to:

  • Make sure we were using consistent workflows
  • Ensure other teams and orgs understood how we worked
  • Make it easy for new designers to get started working on a project
  • Empower Design Leads to make decisions and move forward

What came out of our research was an 8-phase workflow that our product designers take in to account for any design project.

  1. Define
  2. Research
  3. Ideate
  4. Converge
  5. Validate
  6. Deliver
  7. Develop
  8. Measure

The article goes into detail about each of these phases, as well as the process we used to get here.

Enterprise UX Design Workflow

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